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Colgate Colgate with hemp seed oil toothpaste – herbal mint gel (4.6 ounce, 2 pack), 4.6 Ounce

Made with natural hemp seed oil and peppermint oil Fluoride toothpaste formula strengthens tooth enamel and provides clinically proven cavity protection Herbal mint flavor leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh

Hello Oral Care Hemp seed oil fluoride whitening sls free toothpaste + floss + mouthwash

Contains 1 hello hemp seed oil fluoride toothpaste, 1 mouthwash, and 1 floss Say hello to a naturally hemp seed oil paste, rinse, and floss Bundle Pack. Hello toothpastes, rinses and floss are all thoughtfully formulated with high quality ingredients to help moisturize and freshen breath. Hello paste, rinse and floss rock hemp seed oil, coconut oil, and Yakima Valley spearmint to take the moisturizing and mind-blowing freshness up to 11.